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Optical Coherence Technology

The OCT provides microscopic cross-sectional views of the inner structures of the retina. These structures are not visible during a routine examination of the retina. Other tests and instruments only show a specific part of the retina, and the images may not give a clear diagnosis. For example, retinal angiograms only show the blood vessels of the retina.

The OCT shows the smallest structures of the retina in very clear detail, and can often provide accurate diagnosis of your retinal condition without the costs or risks of other tests. With this information, your Ophthalmologist can usually determine the safest and most effective treatments for your condition, and can often provide information about long-term prognosis.

OCC Eyecare was the first eye centre in Canada to use OCT technology, and is a leader in performing and interpreting the latest OCT technology.

Benefits of OCT

Non-invasive, painless, and completely safe.

Provides the most detailed images of the retina available.

Can be used with other tests recommended by your ophthalmologist to provide full diagnostic information about your retinal condition.

OCC Eyecare uses the most modern versions of OCT available, including high definition technology. Patients with significant retinal disease may require regular OCTs to monitor disease progression and assist in early intervention.

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