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The optic nerve is one of the cranial nerves important for vision. Also known as the second cranial nerve, its function is to transmit visual information to the brain from the retina. At its origin, it is formed by a continuation of special cells in the retina known as ganglion cells. The optic nerve connects the eye to the brain such that what is perceived through the eyes is interpreted in the brain as the correct image.

The optic nerve in its course forms part of what is known as the visual pathway. The two optic nerves originate in the retina of each eye then together form the optic tract that runs up to the brain substance.

Diseases affecting the optic nerve usually result in loss of vision. This could be anything from inflammation (optic neuritis), degeneration of the nerve (optic atrophy) to systemic diseases like diabetes affecting the eye. Visual loss arises because of the interruption of visual information from the eye to the brain.

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