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The International Patient Program at OCC Eyecare offers patients the opportunity to experience the advanced level of care that our national patients enjoy. We work with your local doctor to ensure that once you have completed your care with us, you have continuity of care for long-term ophthalmic health. Access to technology, advanced diagnostics and refined surgical techniques are critical to good health.


First, to determine whether you or a family member is a candidate for treatment, we request that you send us appropriate communication via email, fax, or by using our web based forms. It is essential that you identify your country of residence and attach as much information as possible to these referral requests. It is only by having a comprehensive outline of your disease process that we can make an appropriate decision about your care. Once this has been achieved, our referral team will determine what is necessary to help you obtain visa access to Canada.


While some countries do not require a visa access to Canada, many countries do require visas before patients may enter into Canada. We can help provide you with the appropriate communication to make this process easier at the Canadian Consulate that is responsible for your specific country. Further information as to whether you require a visa can be obtained from the Canadian Government websites.


OCC Eyecare has developed a history of cooperation with international physicians through networking at educational events, research collaborations, and co-management. If your patients would like to access the highly advanced treatment options available at our Mississauga, Canada facility, our clinical team will work closely with you to coordinate an efficient referral to our specialists. Our team will also keep you informed of your patients’ progress and treatment plan. We will also send you the patient’s records when they return home to ensure continuity of care.

Medical Exam Requirements for Visa Visitors


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