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Pachymetry is an efficient and accurate way to measure corneal thickness.


For Pachymetry testing, you will be seated in a chair in the diagnostic procedure room. During the test, a technician will have you look in certain direction so that you are concentrating on a central point of focus. The technician will then give you a topical anesthesia. The topical anesthesia is necessary so the technician can use a probe to touch the corneal surface of the eye.


A corneal abrasion can occur from use of the probe directly on the corneal surface, but this is rare. This is more likely to occur in patients with history of dry eye. Patching the eye overnight may be required to speed up the healing process should a corneal abrasion occur.


Pachymetry is a useful screening tool for patients who are suspected to be developing glaucoma as well as a monitoring tool for those already diagnosed. Corneal thickness is also important to detect minimal corneal edema is surgical cases of cataracts.


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