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An orbital fracture refers to a fracture in the bone encasing the eye. It often occurs to the bottom section of bone underneath the eye, which may trap the inferior rectus muscle and prevent one from rolling the eye upwards.


Orbital fractures are usually caused by high-speed impacts to the eye. An example of such a high speed impact would be the impact of a baseball bat to the eye.


An orbital fracture can cause tremendous swelling and bruising around the eye, double vision and the inability to look upward.


Treating an orbital fracture involves taking a CT scan to properly examine and diagnose the orbital fracture and using surgical intervention to free the inferior rectus muscle underneath the eye if it is trapped. It may also involve using reconstructive surgery to restore the previous appearance of the eye. To prevent orbital fractures, patients should wear appropriate eye protection when involved in activities which may cause high-speed impacts and ensure that they are able to access immediate medical attention in case it happens.


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